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Im Me, why? because thats all i know how to be. im 21 chyea finally.
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“Why do people still use Kik?”


Words of Emotion

Words of Emotion

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she’s getting stronger


she’s getting stronger

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Holy shit


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Friends with benefits application.

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Application for Friends With Benefits

Are you single?

     - willing to use protection

           - willing to use protection when banging others

Are you willing to cuddle?

     - and touch

          - without it leading to complications

Do you get jealous easily?

     - when other flirt with her or vice versa

           - what if she sleeps with someone else

Are you willing to talk?

     - about your FWB situation

          - when there’s a problem regarding your FWB situation

Will you start to like him/her?

     - and let him/her know it, if you do

          - can you retain a friendship if he/she doesn’t feel the same way

Are you willing to hang out as friends?

     - go to the movies or out to eat occasionally, as friends?

           - treat him/her as a friend would, respectfully

Can you relax?

     - and go with the flow

          - and enjoy the FWB for what it is

Will you provide fun, good, no-strings attached sex?

     - on a semi-frequent to frequent basis

          - interspersed with friendship

Can you handle loving the sex and liking the person without being in love?

     - If not, do you have the balls to be upfront about it

          - If so, can you keep emotions out of the equation

Are you sexually attracted to him/her?

     - Can you say it

           - Can you show it

Can you separate sex from love?

     - Even when it’s great sex

           - Even when it’s passionate sex

Are you willing to give him/her the same rights in a FWB as you have?

      - Even when they get more opportunites

           - Even when it means that they get some and you don’t

I think that covers the basics.